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Cleaning and caring set for sanded leather.


  • Aniline Protector 400ml
  • Impragnierung Leder & Textilien 200ml
  • Nubuk Radierer
  • Application sponge
  • Cloth from microfiber
  • Application cloth
  • Instructions for use

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Good for these articles:

Nubuk and Suede are leathers with sanded top with longer or shorter hair. They are very soft and permeable. The positives of these leathers are that they are pleasant on touch and have warm velvet surface with interesting pattern.

The surface of these leathers, however, is not in most cases protected from the production. Therefore they are not very resistant against outside factors such as humidity or sunshine. Thanks to their good absorbing abilities they are also less resistant against the penetration of dirt, liquids or fat into the depth of the fiber. The shiny greasy areas and stains on these leathers are often very hard to be removed. The problem is also very fast fading away of the color. In order to avoid such situations it is necessary before and during the usage of the upholstery to protect these materials regularly with the suitable products.

With the soft brush suitable for leather remove the dirt from the surface. Pay special attention to the deep and sewed parts. The resistant dirt such as food remains, remove carefully with the dull side of the knife. Then use the vacuum cleaner to remove the rest of the dusty dirt. After that clean all the surface with moist (NOT WET!) cloth from microfiber. Be careful not to make the leather soaked! Let the surface dry well. If the surface is not properly cleaned, use the cloth with product Lederreiniger Mild to clean the leather surface once.

In case that there are shiny spots on the surface (places where the leather hair is stuck with the dirt) or stains, it is necessary to clean the fat away from the surface (use clean white cloth moistened in the gasoline for leather Leder Reinigunsbenzin) and then re-sharpen. The small places such as stains can be removed by the cleaning rubber for Nubuk (Nubuk radierer), the bigger places are necessary to be sharpened with the abrasive sponge (Leder schleifpad).

The greasy spots and stains (dark to black places usually under the keens, on the armrests and in the part of the headrest) have to be removed with the degreasing spray for leather Fettlosersprey. Application of the spray can cause a little de-coloring of the leather, therefore in some cases it is necessary to re-color the leather again by using the toning color for sanded leather Nubuk Fresh.

After the surface has been dry, spray the protective product Aniline Protector evenly from the distance of about 30 cm. Leave to dry for about 2 hours. After drying it is good to brush the leather gently with the brush suitable for leather. Apply it at minimum 2x per year.

Spray the protective product Leder & Textilien Impragnierung from the distance of 30 cm in two or three thin layers. Leave it to dry for 2 hours. Make the impregnation always on a well aired place! Try the product always on a less visible part of the upholstery! – the application can cause a change in the color of the leather.

Keep away from children!