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Cleaning and caring set for leather car interior.


  • Lederreiniger Mild 200 ml
  • Leder Versiegelung 150 ml
  • Application sponge
  • Cloth from microfiber
  • Application cloth
  • Brush
  • Instructions for use

Car Steering wheel Furniture
Good for these articles:
Daytona, Nappa, Parigi, Dakota, Milano

Specially produced cleaning set determined for regular cleaning of the car leather. This set consists of all the necessary tools needed for cleaning and treatment of the leather car interior. The leather in the car is influenced by many factors that have a negative effect on its lifespan. Big differences in temperature, sunshine, excessive abrasion, human sweat, textile color - these are all the factors that negatively affect the leather. In order to keep the leather in a good condition for a long time it is necessary to keep good and regular care of the leather. The cleaning set Car Leather Care Kit includes everything what you need for the treatment of the leather.

Cleaning product Lederreiniger Mild precisely and gently removes most of the common stains and dirt. Impregnation product Leder Versiegelung creates on the top of the leather invisible barrier that protects the leather from excessive abrasion, salts in human sweat and thanks to the UV filter also against the sunshine. At the same time makes the leather lightly moist and smooth.

The package content is good for cleaning of the complete car interior. We suggest to repeat the treatment 4x per year.